Gooch & Housego

Gooch and Housego are a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of photonics and optical systems. They operate from 11 sites across the UK, USA and Asia, while their expertise extends from research and innovation through to volume manufacture for a range of markets including aerospace, industrial and life sciences.

The task:

We were tasked with developing a coordinated brand strategy to appeal to these sectors on both a technical and aesthetic level, through a range of media, including product literature, exhibitions, and digital media.

Our solutions:

We have been working with Gooch & Housego, a recognised specialist in photonics technology, to develop their branding through a range of media. Within this, their product catalog combines elements of a corporate report with a product directory, acting as a sales tool that also promotes brand values.

'Feedback from our sales team has been very positive. The clear messaging and strong brand values have exceeded expectations and helped further new business sales. We are justifiably proud of the outcome.'

Adrian Chance, Marketing & Communications Manager, Gooch & Housego

Exhibition materials apply a consistent visual style to combine manufacturing capabilities with applications. The visual language of the tesselating hexagons embodies the combined network of capabilities across different global regions and the 'clinical' nature of manufacturing to the fine tolerances demanded.

Component and application imagery can be aligned with colour coding to differentiate between market sectors while keeping a consistent brand style.

'Our sales brochure also enhances our brand reputation; highlighting the history of our growth, our reputation over the last seventy years and our global market reach.'